Bromley - Vermont's Sun Mountain


What's New at Bromley for 2013/14

Snow surface, first and foremost!  Each season, Bromley continues to invest in maintaining a superb snow surface, and Winter 2013/14 is no exception.  We begin capital improvements this year by putting $650k total into new snowmaking pipe & valves ($100k), a new air compressor ($300k) and a new groomer ($250k).  The installation of our new, centrifugal air compressor, purchased with the help of Efficiency Vermont, replaces 3 older models, exponentially increasing our snowmaking efficiency.  The Prinoth BR350 will join our existing fleet; you’ll wake up each morning to the same sweet corduroy as every season!

Power back-up.  Less sexy, possibly, than a new groomer is a new generator.  It’s nothing to sneeze at, though; this beauty will give us a reliable back-up for lifts, the base lodge and the wastewater treatment plant if the power should be so inconsiderate as to go out on a snow day.  It’ll also give us the flexibility on peak alert days (set by the electric company) to continue snowmaking during prime conditions when we might otherwise be forced to shut down. 

Backcountry!  What’s just as important as snow surface?  Skiers & Snowoarders, of course!  Our Ski & Snowboard School has always been committed to giving your future Olympian the best start possible.  Our  Director, Burleigh Sunflower, is thrilled (as usual!) to be heading back into winter; he’s working with his instructors to develop a new offering for JETS, our premier children’s seasonal program.  The new Backcountry course will round out the all-mountain and freestyle groups, giving your children the opportunity to be the most well-rounded and accomplished skiers and boarders on the hill.

Comfort.  We’re also continuing the base lodge renovation on the building’s top floor; expanding seating capacity, completing a general makeover to match upgrades done on the first floor last season, and adding a charging station loft (lots of places, literally, to plug in) for you and your portable devices.  The end result will be lighter, brighter, a bit bigger and connected! 

Circular file.  Are you tried and true Bromley faithful?  Perhaps you’re able to overlook the unsightly dumpster and trash chute on the East side of the base lodge.  We’re tired of looking at it; we’ll give you 3 guesses where it’s gone!  (We're also hoping that is something you’d never notice if we didn’t spill it.)

Cheers to Winter 2013/14!