Bromley - Vermont's Sun Mountain


What's New at Bromley for Winter 2014/15?

This just in!  SKI Magazine has released their reader's survey overall Resort Rankings!  Bromley Mountain is honored to be 19th Overall among Eastern Resorts, and 3rd for Kid Friendly Activities!  Check it out here, and thanks! 


What’s happening at your Sun Mountain this season? Bromley breaks it down…


Ski & Ride Programs – get going!

How did you get your start sliding down slopes? Dad brought you, a friend brought you, a second cousin talked you into it… We want to help this winter season. We debuted a couple Start Fun, Start Free events in 2013/14, and they were fun. The idea – remove the cost factor from that tricky trial period. You come, we provide! We had such a good time that we’ve already set the dates for this winter’s events. On December 21, 2014, January 19, 2015 and March 15, 2015, anyone ages 6 and up can join us for a day on snow, free of charge. All we ask is that you pre-register by the day prior to each event. Registrants will receive an all-day Learning Zone lift ticket, an all-day Rental of ski or snowboard equipment, and instruction in the Learning Zone from 10:30am until noon. Share with your non-skiing friends, and get them out into winter!  Check the events calendar for more info on specific dates.

Following the “free” theme, we’ve created the Super Duper Ski Package! Debuting this winter season, we’ve partnered our Kidsrule Mountain Camps program with Elan skis to bring an awesome option to your winter planning process. This $599 package includes 6 Kidsrule lessons, a free pair of Elan Starr skis with Quick Trick bindings, a coupon for great deals on boots, poles and accessories, plus a Bromley Season Pass! (The Season Pass isn’t new… since Kidsrule’s inception in 2011/12, every child that completes 6 Kidsrule lessons receives a full Season Pass.) Here’s the math: the package saves you $223 on lessons alone, the free skis retail for about $220, and if you’re interested in purchasing a season pass, click here for the current rate! Limited packages available; click here for full details.


Terrain Park Tweaks

Excuse the metaphor, but we’re resurrecting Halo for the 2014/15 winter season! Look for at least half a dozen new good-sized features on skier’s right of Lord’s Prayer… back in a highly visible location, we’re looking forward to a good show each time we cruise through the base area. So there are no surprises, Exhibition has been put to bed to make way for Halo’s return.


What really brings home the bacon? SNOW!

The short story – this winter season, Bromley is adding 74 brand new high efficiency HKD tower guns, complete with hoses, and scrapping our 59 remaining energy-hog ground guns. Through some strategic re-arranging, these new guns will be placed in key locations on trails in Phase 1 and 2 of our snowmaking plan because they’re super good at making snow early season when temps may still be a bit warm. The older guns (still VERY good at making snow) will find permanent homes on trails later in the snowmaking plan (when temps are likely to be consistently colder) - Upper Gazer, Lower Gazer, Lord’s Prayer & Spring Trail - that have never had permanent tower guns of their own!

Why are we scrapping the ground guns? Efficiency Vermont announced a new incentive for Vermont Ski Resorts (more on the statewide initiative here) last spring… get rid of all your inefficient guns, and receive really, really, REALLY good incentives to purchase new. Bill decided to go for it. We think it’s a good plan.

Other new and exciting happenings in the snowmaking world include:

Working with HKD to develop a new design for a portable tower gun. One side-effect to surrendering our ground guns to the scrap heap is a loss of flexibility in gun placement for tricky spots, steep spots, spots the tower guns just don’t go… In order to maintain portable options, 6 of our new tower guns will be 6’ tall, mounted on a stable tri-pod (vs a sled, like other portable tower guns) with specially developed nozzles to allow moisture coming out of these shorter guns the appropriate “hang-time” necessary for making good quality snow with tower guns.

Who doesn’t like to be first? Your Sun Mountain will become ski industry pioneers this season, installing the first Snowmaking Energy Index (SEI) in the United States! What’s that? This system will allow us to measure the effectiveness and efficiency of our snowmaking system in real time, giving our team the ability to adjust variables allowing for maximum output, best quality snow & lowest energy consumption possible at all times. Pretty slick. Speaking of slick tricks, we’re also installing an Intelli-Flow Controller, to increase snow output by maximizing available air from the compressors based on real time environmental factors. The technological improvements this season are pretty astounding; so astounding that the PR department is now signing off on detailed explanations. For more on snowmaking upgrades, including a technical description of above-mentioned Intelli-flow Controller, head straight to the source. President Bill Cairns delivers his August Update on the snowmaking blog here!

That’s it, folks. 2014/15 is bringing great learn-to programs and deals, terrain park updates, and massive improvements to our already great snowmaking system. Cheers to Winter!