Bromley - Vermont's Sun Mountain


The Kidsrule Super Duper Ski Package

Welcome to the best deal of the winter!  You've landed on THE PAGE for THE BEST DEAL in Kids programs for the Winter 2014/15 Season.


In the nutshell (this package includes)

  • A 6-Pack of Kidsule Ski Lessons
  • A free pair of Elan Starr Skis with Quick Trick bindings (Free to keep upon purchase of package!)
  • A coupon for discounts on boots, poles & accessories in the Bromley Shop
  • Upon completion of the sixth lesson, your child will have earned a 2014/15 Bromley Season Pass!

The $599 6-pack of lessons in itself is a great deal; each full day of Kidsrule Mountain Camps retails for $137.  That's a savings of $223 on lessons alone.  Add in a pair of skis with bindings, plus a Full Season Pass, and it's a real deal!

What are Kidsrule Mountain Camps? Step back a page and click here to find out!

The detailed list of What to Do:

  1. Purchase ski package.  Be sure to select the correct weight range for your child to ensure they receive the correct size ski!  buy now
  2. Pick up Elan Starr skis with Quick Trick bindings at Bromley, beginning Labor Day Weekend (8/30/2014).  Please call 802/824/5522 for hours.
  3. Each pair of skis has a golden ticket attached to it.  That golden ticket does not get you into the chocolate factory, but it will get you a new pair of Dalbello CX1, 2 or 3 boots for $79.95, a pair of Junior poles for $19.95 and a 15% discount on children's clothing & accessories at the Bromley Shop by Potter Brothers.
  4. Get your bindings adjusted at Kidsrule or the Bromley Rental & Repair shop anytime during normal business hours.
  5. Book your first, or all six Kidsrule Lessons!  Call 802/824/5522 to reserve lessons.  Please keep in mind, we cannot guarantee space for walkins!
  6. Complete 6 super fun lessons, and child receives a 2014/15 Full Season Pass.  Congratulations!

What if you do not wish to purchase new boots for your child?  Bromley offers seasonal leases on equipment.  Click here for more information.

Limited quantities available.  This will sell out.

This is for Kidsrule age kids only!  Ages 5-14!

The Fine Print:

Lessons purchased through this program expire, and have no value after April 5, or the end of the 2014/15 Winter Season, whichever comes first.  Closing dates subject to change.

Lessons are non-transferable.  Only 1 lesson per day.

Please be aware that all purchase prices on this site include tax, except for season passes.

Management reserves the right to suspend operations at its discretion.